Day 30: When Vamps Cry

A vampire in tears can cause a mess. Our tears are tears of blood. It is quite inconvenient at times but it is what it is.

A look at crying vampires:







Eric Norhtman:


Day 29: Sookie Cries

There is no mistake but my lover, cries a lot. She is a very emotional human being and emotions are something that I am not used to dealing with. Godric has taught me that showing emotion is showing weakness. I’m learning through Sookie that Godric’s teachings may not be all that accurate.

I have to say, I hate seeing her cry. Sookie deserves a happy life not one full of pain and suffering.

Day 28: Fangtasia

Welcome to Fangtasia. It is a bar for vampires and an establishment where humans come to walk with danger. It is a very successful business. The club is decorated with mostly dark woods and red. Humans and vampires can dance, if they wish too. There is not many food items to choose from as most of our patrons are vampires and they obviously do not require food.

If you have not already done so, kindly visit us. We don’t bite.

Day 27: What it Means to be a Maker


It is not always easy being a Maker. Lots of vampires choose not to turn someone. I have found it to be a very rewarding experience. I am proud of the vampire that my progeny, Pam, has become and she is the only vampire that I trust. She is loyal to me and I to her. Not too long ago, she approached me and asked me to release her and it was very difficult to let her go and I was glad when she changed her mind and decided to stay.

Being a Maker means that you are being trusted with the life of a newborn vampire, much like a human parent. A Maker must nurture and protect their newborn and teach them the basics, i.e. survival and vampire laws. Eventually, when the time is right, the progeny will leave the Maker’s side and forge their own path in life. I am fortunate that Pam returned to my side when I called her and we now own a business together, which we have grown into a very profitable bar.

Pam’s message to me:



Day 26: My Maker

A lot of of vampires would say that they could not have asked for a better Maker. That case is true with me. My Maker is Godric. He was twice as old as I am and yet he looked like a young boy.

Godric had found me injured and dying on a pyre. My men were keeping watch over me but I never had the chance to join my ancestors in Vahalla as Godric killed my men and then offered me the greatest gift and something that I had loved: life.

The days after my turning, I learned a lot from my Maker. He taught me how to be a vampire, to hunt and how to control the burning thirst that all newborns have.

Many years later and after I had left him, Godric became the Sheriff of Area 9 in Dallas and I became Sheriff of Area 5 in Louisiana. We had not seen each other in many years but I always kept myself aware of what was going on in his Area. I wanted to ensure that my Maker was safe.

When I had learned that Godric had gone missing, I used every resource in my power to find him. Thankfully, with the help of Sookie, I was able to retrieve him.

Losing my Maker was the single most difficult trials of my long life. Feeling my Maker/Child bond sever was excruciating. It was then that I knew that I would never see the man that made me the vampire that I am today again. I’d never see the vampire that taught me everything I knew. I can only hope that I am half of the Maker to my own progeny that Godric was to me.

Happy Maker’s Day Godric.

Day 25: Jessica’s VBlog

For those who do not know, Jessica, the resident baby vampire in my Area, has posted a video for Makers Day in appreciation for her Maker, Bill Compton.

Is she always like this Bill? Although, I’m sure it is helpful. You are more likely able to get the truth from her before she even realizes what she has done.  Are you aware that she has an online blog? I am glad that I made Pam when technology was not what it was today. Good luck with that.

Jessica-You may think that you do not want to be a Maker but you are too young to make that decision. 100 years, 500 years, 1,000 years from now, you may decide that you are ready to be a Maker and you will grant the same gift that Compton has given to you.

Day 24: Pamela Ravenscroft

My progeny.  She’s fierce, an excellent business woman and she’s loyal. A vampire doesn’t truly know what he is getting himself into when he makes a vampire but I have to say that I am proud of my progeny. She is everything that I wanted in a Child. When I spotted her as a human, there was something about her that intrigued me and I could tell that she was far better than the life that her day and age dictated. She was not meant to be a housewife and birthing children until her husband got sick of her. She was meant to be a vampire. And so, I made her one.

She can test my patience at the best of time. Sometimes she has a hard time remembering what the definition of  “obedience” is but I know that Pam is the one vampire that I can trust. After all, the only vampire a vampire can trust, is the one he made.

Day 23: Sookie’s Car

I do not understand why Sookie insists on driving that hunk of junk that she calls a car. It’s barely operable. Look at it!

I have been offering to replace Sookie’s car for months now and she keeps turning down my offer. She needs a more reliable car. One that actually stays on the road and will not break down as she’s driving. I think that I will have to take matters into my own hands one day and dispose of that hunk of junk she calls a car and replace it with something newer and much safer.

Given that trouble constantly finds Sookie, I would like to purchase a tank for her to drive, but I know that it is not an option.

What I would like to purchase for Sookie is a Honda Civic. Much more reliable as it is newer and it will serve her well for many years.  The Civic is one of the top cars with safety and it would give me peace of mind to know that my lover was in a more reliable vehicle.

Of course, the car would be red and I would have a vanity plate put on it with either “MINE” or “LOVER”.

Just say the word Sookie and this beautiful car will be yours.

Day 22: Ode to the Plaid Shirt

I do not understand why my progeny does not like plaid shirts. I think that I look rather good in plaid. There are so many different colours of plaid that you could not possibly get bored.

I think I look strikingly handsome in these two pictures.

Here I am helping a breather into Fangtasia:

Another example:

I think I wear plaid much better than the were:

Perhaps I should reconsider the leather and incorporate plaid into the uniforms at Fangtasia. What do you think Pamela? It would give you an excuse to wear the shoes that I have purchased for you.

Day 21: Conjuring up Season 4

One of my favourite things about a new season is being able to listen to the actors/actresses’ thoughts on the previous season. I love hearing their insight to episodes and how they interpreted their characters lines or actions. I also love seeing the camaraderie between the actors/actresses and their stories that they have about shooting certain scenes (i.e. during the scene where the vampires were being pulled towards Marnie’s sunshine forcefield, I believe that it was Alexander Skarsgard who reported that it was hard for the group to stop laughing.

The insight to Season 4 proves to be just as awesome as the previous seasons.